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Supply Chain Effectiveness

Melium helps our clients build Resilience, Agility, Continuity, and Sustainability, to future-proof Supply Chains from external disruptions like the pandemic and energy crisis.


Melium understands that simplicity is key. How to get to a single common platform for complete visibility, and know how to effectively execute at each stage to the next.


Melium understands the importance and power of true end-end integration, and how change management plays a pivotal part in execution. Maturing S&OP & IBP, and incorporating data flows from suppliers and customers.

Planning & logistics

Melium is at the bleeding edge of innovation, we know the tools and providers that enable advanced planning and logistics solutions, fit for purpose. Maximise your capacity plan, and distribute goods more accurately than ever before.

Digital & data

Melium helps guide your data model, the traditional model of supply chain management is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the power of data and the insights it can unlock.

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