Outcome focused search
Melium, together with world-leading consultancy partners, have developed a data-led approach that has proven 97% 'better than market average' results for senior search work.
Using a combination of our proprietary tools and our trademarked approach, we help our clients understand their 'AS-IS', and 'TO-BE' and how to get there, clearer than ever before.

Melium search suite

Leadership Dynamics (LD)

By understanding your current leadership dynamic, you can analyze the trends and gaps that will help you to understand the impact of any new leadership additions. Melium’s LD tool helps identify talent compatible with the current LT, and as importantly, who will best challenge, and create innovative thinking.

Cultural Assessment

Post-pandemic a fresh Cultural Assessment is an extremely valuable investment to all businesses, irrespective of any search work. Melium’s cultural assessment platform, provides a current and accurate picture of your company culture and subcultures. Precisely understanding culture, is critical if you intend on improving it. Performing this assessment radically helps us introduce leadership to effectively implement the strategic narrative through an engaged and performance culture.

Evaluate for Transformation

To create an impactful evaluation, you need to say with conviction what behavioral strengths will help push the needle and create maximum impact given the AS-IS.

We will design an evaluation specifically for each transformation from a clear understanding of the 3 inputs;

  • Cultural Performance
  • Process maturity
  • Strategic Objectives

Our focus evaluates leaders on their behavioural competencies and abilities to lead and accelerate transformation and change initiatives.

Capitalise on Diversity

We believe cognitive diversity increases bottom-line results over purely gender diversity. Melium makes it easy to track and balance cognitive diversity within current leadership teams with a bespoke dashboard.

Research & Data

We utilize our proprietary data tools to ensure we are considering candidates from the entire addressable market. This data-led approach to company and candidate identification ensures breadth and diversity, putting a lens on which industry and specific companies will be most relevant to accelerate change for you.

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Our blended approach accesses all facets of an ecosystem created over 2 decades of consulting within European volume manufacturing at all levels of maturity, when you engage with Melium you tap into a wealth of knowledge unlike any other search firm.