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Global Manufacturing

Aspire to achieve World-class Manufacturing, the highest level of efficiency, quality, and productivity in all the manufacturing network processes. While minimising waste and costs and maximising value to the customer.


Employ Transformational Leaders, who can challenge ways of working, and articulate a clear vision and strategy for world-class principles and processes.

Operational excellence

The partners here at Melium have a long history supporting Operational Excellence, the world over. Like the Nestle NCE deployment, Philip Morris's IWS roll out, Unipers LCS program and countless more. We aim to embed a sustainable performance culture of Continuous Improvement keeping customer value front and centre.


Melium has worked on some of the world's prolific carbon neutrality agendas, helping deploy environmental engineering strategies, and circular economy concepts for clean factory operatoins.


Melium will help you usher in the advent of Industry 4.0, creating a platform for manufacturing data exploitation, smart manufacturing, and automation solutions.

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