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SEARCH: Technical Director - FMCG – France

Nov 24, 2023
Technical capability to lead substantial investment and transformation.

Search overview

The company

  • As the global leader in premium chocolate, our client has been continuously breaking new ground and conquering future markets that are not traditional chocolate markets. Today, they are represented all over the world and are the leader in the premium segment.
  • With over 14,600 employees, they are producing a variety of products across 12 manufacturing sites in Europe and USA. They are distributed by 32 subsidiary companies across 500 own stores and more than 100 independent retailers.

The search

a To capitalize on substantial YoY growth, there is huge demand to increase capacity and efficiency amongst their operations. Melium Consulting was tasked with identifying and attracting a Technical Director to lead a substantial overhaul of their Engineering, Maintenance, Digitization, and Automation.

The LT is based in Pau, so we needed a solid value proposition to attract and quality motivations to move to the region.

Melium Consulting invests heavily to ascertain the foundations for success, with a clear understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BEstates. From our initial consultation it was clear we needed to probe the following areas;

-         Historic leadership style, action, and results

-         The current quality assurance culture

-         Corporate values, organizational vision, and company culture

-         Growth, transformation, and investment agendas

S-CAP Tools deployed

  • Operational Maturity Assessment
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Leadership Dynamics 

Mutually agreed Search approach

  • Critical success factors and desired future state outcomes
  • Competency matrix definition (Technical and Behavioural)
  • Designed bespoke evaluation assessment from S-CAP inputs
  • Value proposition creation to attract passive candidates.
  • Project plan the process, stakeholder accountability, and route to success


Research & Outreach

  • Lens on firms with substantial Capex investment, and M&A Activity with advanced operational network maturity.
  • Scope encompassing engineering, maintenance, digitization, automation, and utilities.
  • Learn what technical structures prospect organizations have.
  • CapEx strategy, move, install, and overhaul.
  • Conscious of the French language and cultural sensitivity to drive change.
  • Highlighted specific “People of interest” and mutually agreed on NORTH STAR profile.
  • Solidified long list through a range of data-lead, industry-leading tools and headhunting techniques.
  • Candidate universe defined – Commenced 4-tier confidential outreach, headhunt & evaluation campaign.


Phase 1 – Value prop delivered – (Stress test)

Phase 2 – Exchange of information under NDA – (Stress test)

Phase 3 – Competency interview -  (Stress test)

Phase 4 – Behavioural assessment - including cultural fit, leadership style, personality, EQ/IQ

 Shortlist delivery of six candidates within the agreed timeframe accompanied by a detailed search report and SWOT analysis for each prospect against technical and behavioural competency matrix


The incumbent hire had established themselves as an industry thought leader within one of the world's leading consumer goods businesses. We thrive from creating lightbulb moments by showing our clients options outside of the box. Melium Consulting successfully identified and attracted a Technical Director in line with the initial candidate profile and mutually agreed competencies,


-         Advisory and guidance to select focus three candidates

-         Meliumprovides client-side support to design and run the internal interview process

-         Commercial negotiation assistance to ensure a “right-first-time” offer


The individual is the pioneer of the “Factory of The Future” whilst frequently interacting with senior leaders within the organization to define and share the future strategy maintenance, engineering, automation, digitization, and utilities within their flagship site.

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