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SEARCH - VP Digital Engineering (Industry 4.0 IoT) - CPG - Switzerland

Melium's global manufacturing division set about securing an industry-leading Digital Engineering leader to usher in the advent of Industry 4.0

Search overview

The company

  • Employing 70,000+ people globally
  • Extensive Manufacturing network (70+ sites) in at various stages of product portfolio transformation
  • World-famous brands have been a part of history
  • Primary transformation end-end - Creating a fast-paced and ambitious change agenda

The search

Digital Engineering will help create a global platform for extracting manufacturing data, designing, and applying Industry 4.0 applications for efficiency, energy, and cost targets. With the market rapidly and radically changing, this role sits in a division responsible for a step change in agility and efficiency of the manufacturing network, and to deliver productivity and performance through breakthrough technology.

At the stage of instruction, our client felt the need to put a lens on advanced industries to see what talent was available to help them push the needle in this area, establish a global platform, and develop an ecosystem for digital and data transformation for the global manufacturing network and to usher in the advent of industry 4.0 applications.

S-CAP Tools deployed

  •   Digital and Tech Stack – Maturity Assessment
  •   S&OP / IPB - Maturity Assessment
  •   Cultural Assessment

Mutually agreed Search approach

  • Critical success factors and desired future state outcomes
  • Competency matrix definition (Technical and Behavioural)
  • Designed bespoke evaluation assessment from S-CAP inputs
  • Value proposition creation to attract passive candidates.
  • Project plan the process, stakeholder accountability, and route to success


Research & Outreach

  •   Understand what it takes to set up a new robust Digital Engineering organisation that can respond to business challenges in the next coming years.
  •   Who and where would we find the experience of someone capable to re-designing the existing eco-system to ensure an agile way of working for efficient and effective delivery of IT programs
  • What firms in advanced industries are effectively running and supporting advanced digital manufacturing agenda.


  •   Strong business acumen, tech savviness and an ability to create and drive programs, through a new delivery machine.
  •   Lead and govern the strategy definition of the Digital Product portfolio
  •   “Spike” in expertise in Industry 4.0
  •   Conceptional design of machine control architecture
  •   Setting up of the Delivery machine and PMO to prioritize implementation.
  •   Transformation executive - Someone who can strategically plan,and communicate a clear vision
  •   Seasoned leader, who can humbly foster the ideas and innovations coming from the internal teams and external partners

Global search, shortlist delivery within the agreed timeframe accompanied by a detailed search report and SWOT analysis for each prospect.


This search work took us to 3 continents, building up a detailed picture of what industries, companies, and leaders were taking the helm for entire digital manufacturing ecosystems. We focused on large, complex manufacturing networks, with a common goal of extracting data quality, creating uniformity & access.

For a detailed account and report into this search, contact us here:

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