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SEARCH: End-End Supply Chain Director - FMCG - France

Using our expertise in supply chain effectiveness and operational excellence, we set about finding a leader who can guarantee us all chocolate for christmas ;)

Search overview

The company

  • House hold name, a global leader and pure player in premium chocolate,
  • Established in more than 120 countries with manufacturing plants in the US and various locations in Europe.
  • 14,000 Employees and 2022 group reported sales of circa 5 Billion CHF

The search

End-End Supply Chain Director for France, HQ in a remote, yet beautiful location forming part of the leadership team at the biggest capacity plant in the group, with the factory designed and built 50+ years ago, and a strong desire to implement a TPM pillared approach to Operational Excellence, it was imperative to have a Supply Chain director with a deep appreciation of Operations and Lean Manufacturing.

S-CAP Tools deployed

  • S&OP Maturity Assessment
  • Cultural Assessment

Mutually agreed Search approach

  • Critical success factors and desired future state outcomes
  • Competency matrix definition (Technical and Behavioural)
  • Designed bespoke evaluation assessment from S-CAP inputs
  • Value proposition creation to attract passive candidates.
  • Project plan the process, stakeholder accountability, and route to success


Research & Outreach

  •   Research into Seasonal, short shelf-life firms with matched supply chain complexity
  •   Additional Lens on firms with very large-sized factory footprints and headcounts
  •   Additional lens on firms with more mature operational excellence programs
  •   Fluency in the French language and experience in French Supply chain gave us a clear geographical focus.



  • End-End with a spike in manufacturing/operations. In our experience, SC Leaders who have previously as a plant, operations, or value stream manager will quickly see things others don’t.
  • With a key success factor optimizing Internal flow, material, stock optimization, and customer constraints.
  •   Procurement and management of packaging supplies, raw materials, and semi-finished products, and their release for production
  •   Management of finished products from production to delivery to customers or Group subsidiaries, including co-packing activities
  •   Optimisation of internal and external interfaces throughout the Supply Chain domain while guaranteeing consistency between physical and IT flows, stock integrity, control of Transport and warehousing budgets, and compliance with quality objectives in terms of internal and external customer satisfaction.
  •   Stakeholders in Production, Procurement, Purchasing, Customers and suppliers, Intercompany, Brand Managers, Key Account Managers, and Sales, it was imperative we evaluated leadership and change management behaviors and experience.

Phase 1

Value prop delivered – (Stress test)

Phase 2

Exchange of information under NDA – (Stress test)

Phase 3

Competency interview - – (Stress test)

Phase 4

Behavioural assessment - including cultural fit, leadership style, personality, EQ/IQ

Shortlist delivery of five candidates from within Europe and the US, within the agreed timeframe accompanied by a detailed search report and SWOT analysis for each prospect


  • Melium provided several solutions for solutions from different seasonal businesses and levels of maturity relevant to ourclient's transformation
  • We weighed heavily on change management experience; Designing and redesigning processes, and implementing new ways of working; imperative when we have new systems and digital technologies ramping up
  • Having an operational leader who knows how a world-class production system can advance
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