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Biomimicry for Supply Chain Effectiveness

Tom Pemberton
Dec 26, 2023
Inspiring PC from Gartner’s Maverick program to start the week

Honeybees operate in non-linear ways, in an ecosystem that promotes autonomy of authority, decision-making, data sharing, and decentralized governance, breaking organizational silos and operating with a united purpose.

With clearly defined sense and respond frameworks, for monitoring and execution, empowering workers with decision-making authority and information to make decisions with frequent communication, no one is working in isolation.

We can take huge inspiration from biodiversity in the way we design our supply chains and how we run them. Gartner's 2023 study found that CSCOs who empowered their SC leaders with autonomy and flexibility were 3x more likely to retain that talent and would reap 4x the performance. Gartner 16th Sept 2023.

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